About CleanFuel

Founded by Ronnie Oldham in 2008, CleanFuel Conversions converts and upfits fleet and personal vehicles to operate on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) instead of gasoline.  Our specialty is EPA certified conversions for sedans and light-duty pickup trucks and vans.

CleanFuel can safely convert almost any vehicle to run on clean-burning natural gas. In addition to installation of new fuel tanks and lines, CNG conversions also involve a modification to the original OEM fuel system design, much the same as adding aftermarket performance parts, like computer upgrades, manifolds, exhausts or ignition systems.

Speak with us about your vehicle so we can accurately diagnose the type of conversion kit and tanks we will need to utilize. We also help you determine whether a dedicated or bi-fuel installation will most appropriately suit your transportation needs.  Pricing is dependent on all of the above. We keep our overhead costs fairly low, while sparing no expense when it comes to quality materials and workmanship. All told, our customers generally find that CleanFuel offers cost effective solutions. Your conversion will take place at one of our strategically located facilities in order to conveniently serve the regionally diverse natural of our customer base. Give us a call or send us an email! We look forward to helping you and your business start saving money.

CleanFuel Conversions, 512.454.4264, info@cleanfuelconversions.com


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