Basically, there are two ways to refuel a CNG vehicle, Time-Fill and Fast-Fill.

Both processes are described below. Because the CNG Station network has yet to be fully developed, the driver of a natural gas vehicle will need to know where his opportunities to refill will come from if he is on the road. There are two great ways to do this. If you have a moment to look one up in advance of your trip use the CNG NOW Station Locator. This will give you a sense of where the stations are and how much fuel will cost there. If you have a smartphone, you can download a CNG NOW “Fuel Finder” app to it, and even get directions to the site with it.


Refuel at home with the convenience of the Phill appliance from FuelMaker. The Phill vehicle refueling appliance installs in your garage and allows you to refuel overnight at the rate of about one gallon (GGE) per hour.  Filling up at home costs about $1.00 a gallon (GGE) or less in most locations.  Larger Time-Fill systems are also available for fleet refueling needs.  Combination Time-Fill and Fast-Fill systems are also available.



Fast-Fill fueling stations work just like regular gas stations.  You pull up to the dispenser, swipe your credit card and connect the hose.  The time required is about the same as refueling with gasoline.

Currently, there are two public fueling stations in Austin, and many others state-wide.  Austin’s first is located at 2514 Business Center Drive in Austin and is operated by the City of Austin to fuel their vehicles, but it is also open to the public. You can find the other at Austin Bergstrom Internation Airport on 3100 1/2 Spirit of Texas Drive. CleanFuel Conversions is in the early stages of opening a few more stations around Austin in the near future.


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