Clean Fuel can safely convert almost any vehicle to run on clean-burning natural gas.


In addition to installation of new fuel tanks and lines, CNG conversions also involve a modification to the original OEM fuel system design, much the same as adding aftermarket performance parts, like computer upgrades, manifolds, exhausts or ignition systems.  CNG conversions not approved by the EPA are technically only legal for off-road use and may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.  EPA approved systems are also required to qualify for most tax incentives and rebates.

EPA Certified conversions are currently available for several Ford and Chevrolet pickups and vans.  Sedans are limited to the Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Buick Lucerne and Chevrolet Impala.  We can also convert the new Ford Transit Connect.  Believe it or not, there’s even a Hummer H3 on the list.


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